Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard sheet sizes available for your product?
Alcotex sheets are available in 40”, 49”, and 62” widths. Please check with your Alcotex representative for color availability. Sheets can be cut to a custom length
What thicknesses are available?
3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm
What core materials are available?
Both a standard polyethylene (PE) and fire resistant (FR) core material are available. The FR core material is only available in a 4mm thickness.
Where has the testing been done on your material?
All of the testing on our material has been done at fully accredited North American based test facilities. The test report information is available for review upon request.
What is the average lead time for your material?
Typical lead time is 30–45 days for most projects. However, the lead time may vary depending upon the size of the order, the requirement of custom colors, destination city, etc. Inventory is also stocked in North America and can be shipped within 3-5 business days.
What minimum quantities are required for ordering?
Solid, Pearl, Metallic and Premium colors all have a minimum quantity of 2,500 SF per color and per sheet width in a PE core. FR core sheets have a minimum quantity of 4,000 SF per color and per sheet width. If orders do not meet minimum quantities, pricing needs to be confirmed with your local Alcotex representative.
Are custom colors available?
Yes. We can provide virtually any custom color match.
How long does it take to match a custom color?
It takes approximately 10 to 15 days to receive the color match. Then, it is typically 45-60 days from color approval until we can ship finished material.
What is the weight of a typical panel?
The Alcotex sheet weighs only 1.12 pounds per square foot for the standard PE core and 1.5 pounds per square foot for FR core material.
What are the cleaning recommendations?
Please see our ‘Cleaning Instructions’ sheet.