Product Features

ALCOTEX and ALCOTEX/FR Aluminum Composite Material is the premier choice for an exterior cladding that will maximize the beauty of your structure while providing a sustainable product to prolong the life of your building. Alcotex Aluminum Composite Material is available in a variety of over 30 eye-catching standard colors. Custom colors can also be created to capture your own design vision. Alcotex and Alcotex/FR meets or exceeds all current testing requirements in North America. Our high quality, versatility and durability have made Alcotex a natural choice for architects on projects throughout the United States & Canada over the last ten years.

Alcotex is coil coated in a continuous process with a Polyvinylidene fluoride (PFdF) coating containing a minimum of 70% KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000®resins which meets or exceeds AAMA 2605 and AAMA 620 performance requirements.

Alcotex finishes are applied in a reverse roller application process and are available in either a 2 or 3 coat finish. The 2 coat finish omits the clear coat required on a 3 coat finish.  Both finishes will provide the same excellent performance required for architectural applications.

Thickness 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
Width 40”, 49”, 62”
Length All lengths are custom per the clients requirements, up to a maximum length of 19’ 8”
Surface PVdF coated
Product Tolerance
Width ± 2.0mm
Length +3.0mm (not allowed minus error)
Thickness ± 0.2mm
Squareness Maximum +2.0mm
Bow Maximum 0.5%
Surface Defect No irregularities such as roughness, buckling and other imperfections.
(with no aluminum sheet displacement or core protrusion on the cut edge)